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52 Sq. Ft. Filter Jacuzzi Sundance

52 Sq. Ft. Filter Jacuzzi Sundance

SKU: 6CH-960
  • SPECIFICATION OF FILTERS:Length:15 1/2",outside diameter:6 3/4",top:semi-circular handle,bottom:2" SAE thread,filtration area:52 sq.ft.
  • REPLACEMENT FILTER FOR POOL AND SPA CLEANING SYSTEMS:Unicel 6CH-960,Pjw60TL-F2S,Filbur FC-2800,Aladdin 15203,6540-476,Acuzzi Premium J-300 and J400,Baleen Filters AK-90191,6540-383,SD-00640,Filbur FC-2800M,Guardian 6H9-113, plf6ch-960.
  • POWERFUL FILTRATION PERFORMANCE:The fabric traps much more contaminants than regular fabric.This filter efficiently removes hair,leaves,dust,sediment,sand,etc.Enjoy clean leisure time in your pool.
  • LONG USING TIME:Heavy-duty polyester is designed to last far longer than cheaper alternatives.Durable and washable fabric that maintains even when weighted down by sediment.
  • EASY INSTALLATION:Installation is quick and easy.A comfortable fit is required between the manifold and the filter element.Water-proof pool grease can be used to lubricate the mating surface,which makes it easier to assemble,and the snug fit insured no leakage between filtered and unfiltered water inside the unit.
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