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Made from Canadian eastern white cedar, the Cedar Grid Scraper is a natural and safe alternative to using stainless steel or brass bristled wire grill brushes. Cedar is a naturally mold and insect-resistant material that ensures you don't find any unwanted contaminants in your food or barbecue grill. This particular barbecue grill scraper gets better with each use, forming to the unique contours of your iconic WAVE™ cooking grids. Keep your barbecue grill clean and bristle or metal shaving free. The Cedar Grid Scraper provides a no-scratch cleaning to both stainless steel and porcelain-enameled barbecue cooking grids. The paddle shape provides ideal leverage for cleaning stuck-on debris from your delicious meals. Always keep this particular barbecue maintenance accessory within reach with the convenient leather hanging loop.



•Use the Cedar Grid Scraper to keep your barbecue grill's stainless steel or cast iron cooking grids clean

•Use the Cedar Grid Scraper to scrape the stuck on foods from your grill every time you cook, while the barbecue is still hot

•The natural 100% Canadian Eastern White Cedar will not damage your stainless steel or cast iron cooking grids

•The long body and paddle shape safely keeps your hands away from the hot barbecue grill grids

•Keep the Cedar Grid Scraper close at hand with the convenient tool hanging loop

•Naturally mold and insect-resistant, you don't have to worry about unwanted guests in your next meal

The Cedar Grid Scraper gets better with each use, as it scrapes the hot cooking grids the wood is burned away to form the perfect shape to clean the grill better

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