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Disposable 25 Sq MicroPure Filter MF-170

Disposable 25 Sq MicroPure Filter MF-170

SKU: MF-170

If you love have a clean and clear hot tub, but hate the hassle of cleaning and maintaining your filter - the Disposable 25 Sq MicroPure Filter MF-170 is for you! This filter cartridge is specifically designed to remove any dirt and grime from your hot tub water, so that it's crystal clear every time. With its high efficiency filtration system, you can be sure that your hot tub is always as safe and enjoyable as it should be. So don't let the chore of maintaining a clean hot tub put you off – with the MF-170 MicroPure Filter, all you have to do is relax and enjoy!


Filter Replacements:

MICROFILTER 25 SQ' (30-05845)

25 SQ FT Rainbow Filter Jacuzzi (C-4326)

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