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Giant Pretzel

Giant Pretzel

SKU: 90640

Product details

One hot pretzel with salt please! This Swimline Giant Inflatable Pretzel Float adds some tasty and twisty fun to your pool and lake day.Are you a hardcore pretzel lover? Beat the heat with this delicious floating snack. It was baked with heavy-duty PVC vinyl and ready for many summers to come. But please, don't take a bite, the vinyl is not as scrumptious as it may seem. It measures 60 inches in diameter and you can play on it, in it, around it, and through it. There's room for up to 3 swimmers.Enjoy your water festivities with a twist and bake in the sun on this Swimline Giant Inflatable Pretzel. Go ahead, have a poolside pretzel, it's knot too shabby.

• Measures 60 inches in diameter
• Weight: 3 pounds
• Warranty: 30 days
• Great for adults and kids alike!
• Constructed of heavy-duty vinyl
• Pump: No
• Dimensions: 60 x 49 x 8 inches
• Yum! Time for a delicious dip in the pool with this Swimline Giant Inflatable Pretzel
• Realistic pretzel design
• Room for up to 3 swimmers

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