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iSWIM Water Care Monitor

iSWIM Water Care Monitor


We know water chemistry can be difficult to manage and iSWIM is here to help. This is another proven product from Ideal Water Care™ and has been established for years. It is called iSWIM (Smart Water Intelligence Monitor) and it simply floats in the water and remains low profile (about the size of a Smartphone, phone not included). It creates a better experience for you and your family.


Sustainable and Eco-friendly:

Unlike other devices, iSWIM is not a disposable product, all 3 sensors are replaceable, and the battery is also rechargeable (needed a few times per year) and made of UV and sanitizer-resistant plastic.


Peace of Mind:

iSWIM monitors 24/7 through a free simple App and does all the hard work for you. It will analyze your water, give you notifications, and give you recommendations on what to add and how much to add, along with convenient reminders for regular care (cleaning filter(s), drain and clean, etc.). This is not attached to the spa equipment and it works independently from the spa. For example, if your hot tub loses power and starts to lose temperature, you will get notified. If bad weather is approaching, you will get notified to check your cover.


Comfort and Health:

Customer iSWIM dashboard:

  • Temperature
  • pH
  • Sanitizer (Chlorine and Bromine)
  • TDS
  • Local weather (receive notifications to lock your cover when bad weather is approaching)
  • Adjusts for Ozone, UVC.
  • Battery level
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