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Mineraluxe Chlorine Granular - 1 Month Supply (Dichlor)

Mineraluxe Chlorine Granular - 1 Month Supply (Dichlor)

SKU: DML00505

The Mineraluxe System 1-month kit has everything you need to keep your spa healthy and in tip top condition. It saves you time, money and effort by simply bundling your sanitizer with 1 months supply of Mineraluxe Cubes and Oxygen. The kit contains 3 products.

  • Mineraluxe Cubes which prevents staining and scaling, removes phosphates, inhibits algae growth, removes organics, and lastly clarifies your water leaving it sparkling clean.
  • Mineraluxe Oxygen pouches which act as a shock treatment for your spa, effectively burning off organics and freeing up your sanitizer
  • 200g of Chlorine Tablets. These will act as your primary sanitizer for your spa ensuring that there is always sanitizer in your spa water to prevent organic growth.
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