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Mineraluxe Chlorine Granular 480G

Mineraluxe Chlorine Granular 480G

SKU: DML09532

Mineraluxe's fast-dissolving, totally soluble chlorine granules. Ideal for those who wish to apply a daily hand fed product to their water for disinfection. For the control of harmful micro-organisms in hot tub water. Will also immediately boost the chlorine level when low.


  • Mineraluxe Stabilized Chlorine Granules contains 56% Sodium Dichloro Isocyanuric Acid for controlling harmful micro-organisms (bacteria and algae) in hot tub water.
  • Fast dissolving, totally soluble – ideal for regular hand feed applications.
  • Effective at keeping water safe
  • Use as a primary sanitizer and as a boost when required
  • Totally soluble, won’t cloud water
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