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Mineraluxe Chlorine Tablet- 1 Month Supply

Mineraluxe Chlorine Tablet- 1 Month Supply

SKU: DML09503
  • The Mineraluxe One Month Chlorine System has everything that you need to maintain a healthy and perfectly balanced spa!
  • 200g of Chlorine Tablets: place these tablets inside your Chlorinator or floating sanitizer dispenser to maintain your chlorine levels and keep a happy, healthy spa that is free from bather wastes and other organic materials.
  • 6 Mineraluxe Cubes: replaces many of the traditional balancers that adjust pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness, whilst keeping your spa extraordinarily clean and free of both staining and scaling.
  • 5 Packages of Mineraluxe Oxygen: help to gas away wastes collected by bromine and keep your spa crystal clear.
  • Every week, use all three chemicals in their recommended dosages Place the Chlorine Tablets in the floating dispenser or in the Chlorinator Add one Mineraluze Cube into the skimmer or filter compartment Broadcast one package of Mineraluxe Oxygen!
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