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Spa Booster Seat

Spa Booster Seat

SKU: PA759470

Suitable for all spas and hot tubs. With the Life Booster Seat, you can rise above the rest of the pack. Look down from the dizzy heights and enjoy the hot tub's gushing water. A wonderful addition to help the family's small children, so take a refreshing drink and enjoy.


  • Designed for comfort, this booster seat is made of durable, chemical-resistant material
  • The increased seat height elevates you closer to the spa jets or it may be used as back support
  • Firmness and size can be adjusted by the amount of water used to fill it
  • Easily filled with a standard garden hose
  • 14.8″ Length x 14.2″ Width x 3.8″ Height
  • 375mm Length x 360mm Width x 95mm Height
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