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Swimpals - Dolphin/Orca 2 pack

Swimpals - Dolphin/Orca 2 pack

SKU: 55191


  • Water-filled pool toys: the Game swimpals minis are our smaller version of the beautifully designed animal floaties for kids. They are filled with water, Not with air, Which makes them more effective for underwater play in the pool.
  • Easy to fill: we’ve designed these children’s floaties to be easy to fill. Simply fill with a garden hose, return jet or sink faucet. The swimpals minis is perfectly sized for smaller kids and easy for them to use.
  • Boosts swimming CONFIDENCE: the swimpals minis by Game are designed to help children develop more confidence in the water. They help build coordination, boost underwater skills, and encourage physical play.
  • Creative character combos: kids love playing in the water with swimpals minis. Each package comes with two swimpals minis featuring mermaids, a Shark and submarine, or a dolphin and Orca.
  • Recommended for swimmers 3 years and up: The Game swimpals minis are recommended for children who have already taken swimming lessons and are above the age of 3.
  • Floats Underwater - This product does not sink to the bottom of the pool. It is filled with water so that it stays just under the water’s surface. It easily goes deeper in the water and back up when being used by the swimmer.
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